• Introducing Metro.

    A fare collection system for public transport.

  • Universal

    Accepts a huge variety of payment methods

  • Compliant

    PesaPrint Metro is compliant with the National Transport and Safety Authority regulation of interoperability in fare collection

  • Secure

    Security in card transactions is top priority for PesaPrint and as such the PesaPrint platform is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified, the highest security standard in the industry


PesaPrint is a cloud computing Solutions Company in the e- and m-commerce space. We provide robust IT enterprise level of service in the following areas

Mobile money

Allow our customers to accept payments via various mobile money services

Bank card transactions

Allow our customers to accept bank card payments

Revenue Collections and sales

Provide a robust revenue collections system for our customers

We are dedicated to providing simple, relevant and cost-effective solutions to our clients, and we pride ourselves in developing exciting solutions for local problems. We strive to partner with our clients, working together to realize their goals, and maintain long-term relationships with them.

What is PesaPrint metro?

Metro is an automated fare collection system for the PSVs

Fare Collection

Using a smart phone and a portable printer, PesaPrint Metro allows bus owners to go cashless and collect fares by using bank cards, Metro card, other NFC transport cards

Route & Fleet management

Value added service that allows PSV owners to track all vehicles in real time.

Receipt Printing

Prints a physical receipt for any fare collected from the passenger through any mode of payment


It provides for acceptance of a range of payment modes and also provides for reading third party issued transport cards.

Payment methods

Metro accepts a variety of payments mode
Allows passengers to pay with of the following payment modes

  • PesaPrint Metro (NFC) Card

  • Other NFC Cards

  • MasterCard & Visa NFC Cards

  • Mobile Money

  • Bank Cards

Supported Payment Services

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