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Payment Systems Solutions

A suite of payment solutions that provides our clients with the ability to receive payments for goods & services through various payment methods. These payment solutions empower our clients by providing elaborate reports on sales and collections enabling them to make quick and accurate data driven business decisions. We support the following modes of payment:

  • Mobile money

  • Custom cards

  • Bank Cards

  • Cash

We customize solutions to fit any of our client needs. Some of the solutions can be:

  • Public Transit Payment Automation

  • Mobile Sales Payments

  • County government Revenue collections

Ticketing & Receipting Payments

We provide solutions for ticket sales & payments that provide our clients and their customers an efficient form of payment. This can be really useful in:

  • Gas Stations

  • Restaurants

  • Events

  • Mobile Sales

Metro Switch

Metro switch is a custom developed ISO8583 payment switch that provides ability to switch various bank cards/financial transactions. The switch is designed with some level of flexibility to allow easy configuration changes without the need to stop/restart the switch providing for high availability and reliability. The following are the features of Metro Switch:

  • Multiple Interfaces (ISO8583 & HTTP REST)

  • Transaction Recording

  • Web Portal (Reports and Configuration)

  • Dynamic Management of Issuers & Acquirers

  • Contact-less EMV Support

  • Message Mapping (Between interfaces)

  • Refined Transaction Logs

  • Multiple Card Format Support(Private Label & EMV)

  • Device & Merchant Management

PesaPrint Metro

PesaPrint offers a transit system solution that mainly composes of four solutions in one, which are:

  • Reporting: Analytics and Reconciliations

  • Cashless Automatic Fare Collection System

  • Route & Fleet Management system

  • Physical Receipting

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